90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai Tourist Visa Multiple Entry for 90 days

90 Days Multiple Entry Dubai Tourist Visa

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Travelling to a new country, either for tourism or business, is quite exciting. You get to see new places, meet new people and experience a different culture than yours. However, travelling to a new country is not as easy as it sounds. First, you need the money not just to book the tickets but also to spend at the new place. Another thing is that you need all your documents in order, i.e. your passport and visa. The visa requirements and visa for every country is different, and hence you need to know everything about them before you plan to travel to a new place.

UAE is a country that promotes tourism, and is a place where there are lot of things to see and do. Moreover, it is a business hub, especially Dubai, and hence thousands businessmen from around the world travel here every year. If you are a businessman who needs to travel to Dubai on a regular basis or a tourist who wants to stay in Dubai or anywhere else in Dubai for a long period of time, it would be best to apply for the multiple entry 90 days dubai visa.

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Whats the benefits of 90 Days Multiple Entry Visa?

The 90 days visa comes in two forms: single entry and multiple entry. With the single entry one, you can enter UAE only once and stay at any of the Emirate cities for 90 days. But once you leave, you cannot enter the country with the same visa, even if you have not exhausted your 90 days. On the other hand, with the multiple entry visa, you can enter the country any number of times and stay there for 90 days (from the first time you enter) till your visa expires. The 90 days multiple entry UAE or Dubai visa is great for people like businessmen who have to return to their home country frequently and tourists who would like to visit nearby countries during their stay in UAE.

How to Apply 90 Days Dubai Multiple Entry Visa?

You can apply for your UAE visa at the nearest UAE Consulate or Embassy in your city. While submitting the application form, you have to provide several documents as deemed necessary by the Embassy. Some of the documents that you need to include are as follows:


Your passport is the most essential document you need to get a visa. You need to take coloured photocopies of the first two and last pages of the passport. These pages include all your personal information including name, address, nationality, passport number, passport validity – all the information necessary for issuing a visa. Your passport should have minimum six months validity, and it should not be a handwritten one.

Covering Letter:

For the 90 days multiple entry Dubai visa, you have to provide a covering letter along with all the documents. This covering letter should mention the purpose of your travel, details of your stay and a guarantee that you would leave UAE when the validity of your visa expires. You will also require to include name and contact details of two locals (who live in different addresses) along with their photo ID and address proof.

Details of the Host:

In case you are travelling to Dubai for business or personal purpose, you need to attach the details of your host in Dubai. In case of a company, you have to provide the invitation letter from the host company. If you are visiting a family or friend, you have to submit the copy of the passport and residential visa of your host. The residential visa should have at least six months validity. Your host also has to submit a security cheque which would be credited back to his or her account when you leave the country and return to your own.

Other Documents: Few other documents that you would require while applying for a Dubai visa are as follows:

  • Correctly filled application form which can be downloaded online.
  • Confirmed return ticket to and fro any entry point in the UAE.
  • Confirmed hotel booking if you do not have a host in Dubai or UAE.
  • Recent passport size photo against a white background
  • You may also need to submit additional documents if the Consulate finds it necessary.

It may take anywhere between 3-4 working days for your visa to get approved. The 90 days multiple entry visa is valid for 58 days from the date of issue, and hence make sure you travel within this time period.


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