14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai Tourist Visa for 14 days

14 Days Dubai Tourist Visa

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Dubai is truly a dream city, and a place you must visit at least once during your lifetime. The best months to visit Dubai is between November to February, mainly because the temperature is cooler, and you get to enjoy the indoors and outdoors equally. Moreover, this is the time when Dubai hosts the yearly Dubai Festival, which is an event you must not miss. So, if you are keen on visiting Dubai during this festive season or anytime during the year (for business or leisure), you need to know about your visa requirements.

There are several countries in the world that are exempt from UAE visa. Citizens of these countries can get visa on arrival when travelling to Dubai or anywhere in UAE. On the other hand, the citizens of the rest of the countries need to apply for a visa beforehand. If you are planning a short visit to Dubai, either for a holiday or work purpose, the 14 days Dubai tourist visa is ideal for you. With this visa, you can holiday anywhere in UAE for 14 days.

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How to Apply 14 days Dubai tourist Visa?

The first thing you need to do is download the visa application form online. Although the form is available online, you need to remember that the hard copy of the application form has to be submitted. Fill the entire application form with correct details. Make sure there are no factual or spelling mistakes. Once this is done, you need to submit the application form along with supporting documents to the nearby UAE embassy.

Documents Required

Along with the application form you need to submit several other documents. These include:


You need to submit the coloured copy of your passport, i.e. the first two pages and the last few pages which have all your personal information like name, nationality, passport number, date and place of birth, date of issue and expiry, name of father, mother or guardian, etc. You also need to make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity from the time of travelling.

Confirmed Ticket

You need to submit your confirmed tickets to Dubai while submitting your application form. This includes to and fro tickets. Single tickets would not be accepted. You need to submit your return ticket too. Hence, secure your air tickets before you apply for your Dubai visa.


You need to submit your recent passport size photograph (4.3*5.5 cm) along with the application form. Make sure that the photo is taken against a white background and your face is not covered unnecessarily with any kind of head gear. At least 80% of your face should be seen clearly in the picture.

Apart from the documents mentioned above, you may also have to submit a few other documents for speeding up the visa process.

  • If you have travelled to Dubai in the past one year, you need to submit the copy of the pages with the entry and exit stamps.
  • If you are visiting family and friends in Dubai or UAE, you will have to submit an invitation letter from the host, his or her passport copy as well as a copy of his or her valid residence of visa.
  • If you have travelled to (in the last five years) or have a valid visa of countries like UK, USA, European Union, Canada, Schengen countries, New Zealand, Australia and Russia, you can submit your travel proof or visa for the same.
  • If you are a minor or married woman travelling alone to Dubai, you need to submit the photo ID of your parents or husband.

Along with all these documents, you also need to submit the visa application fee as well as a security deposit. The amount will depend on the country you belong to and the type of visa you are applying for. Once all the documents are submitted, it could take anywhere between 3-7 days for visa processing. This does not include Friday, Saturday and UAE holidays.

If your application form and documents are in order, there is absolutely no chance that your visa would be denied. However, you need to remember that the 14 days visa cannot be extended, and you have to fly back to your home country on or before the date of validity. Nevertheless, the process of applying for a Dubai visa is fairly simple. So, do not wait any longer to apply for a valid 14 days Dubai tourist visa, and enjoy the magical holiday of your dreams.


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