Get Deeper Insights About The 14-days Dubai Visit Visa 2024

Dubai is a favorite tourist destination globally, with world-class sightseeing attractions such as the mighty Burj Khalifa, state-of-the-art shopping malls, and several cultural highlights coupled with charismatic add-ons. Rising from a humble fishing village to a modern tourist destination, the evolution of Dubai is itself an enticing parameter that attracts tourists to its shores. Witnessing its fascinating feats and achievements, along with its constant innovation using world-class technologies, makes people flock to the shores of Dubai year after year. As a result, the Dubai visa requirements have been simplified and convenient for all applicants. Being one of the most expat-friendly destinations globally, Dubai offers several variations in the type of visas for facilitating your visit, tourism, transit, work, education, and others. If you intend to cover Dubai over two weeks, then apply for a 14-day Dubai tourist visa, where you get a complete download on the entire process.

Eligibility Criteria For Your Dubai Visa

The authorities have clearly stated the following conditions as part of the Dubai visa requirements for Indians:

  • The purpose of your visit to Dubai
  • The stay duration in Dubai
  • Financial capability to cover your expenses in Dubai
  • Validity of your passport

Supporting Documents That Are To Be Submitted For Dubai Visa For Indians

In 2019 before the COVID era, 1.9 million Indians set foot in Dubai for a relaxing holiday. The following documents form the core of the Dubai visa requirements for Indians:

  • Fully signed and completed Dubai visa application form
  • A colored copy of your passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months from the travel date. 
  • Scanned copy of your PAN Card
  • Recent passport size photograph with majority face coverage
  • Confirmed return air ticket that will help in processing Ok to Board along with a valid travel insurance
  • Invitation letter (if any) from a UAE resident or host in the company
  • Female applicants and students above 18 years need to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from both parents/husbands and their respective photo IDs. In addition, a colored copy of their passport or resident visa should accompany the Dubai visa application if they are not accompanying them. 

Dubai Visa Photo Specifications

Applicants who are applying for a Dubai tourist visa should ensure that the photograph they submit as part of the Dubai visa requirements meets the defined specifications:

  • The photo should be recent and not older than six months
  • The photo should be in color and not in black and white. Black and white photographs are not accepted.
  • Dark background photographs. Applicants should take all photos with bright lighting. 
  • Avoid wearing headgears unless there are religious reasons for the same. Headgears covering facial recognition parameters like eyebrows and face coverage will be rejected.
  • Avoid reflections, shadows, pixelated, and poor resolutions.
  • The standard size as per Dubai visa requirements is 35×45 mm

Visa Fees & Charges

The Dubai visa fee for Indian citizens is INR 5,690. However, applicants can extend their stay further by additional 14 days by paying INR 5,171 as a renewal visa fee for the tourist visa for Dubai from India price. The 14-days Dubai visit visa fees for Indian citizens are higher than the normal Dubai visa primarily because it is an express visa processed much faster than other visa types.

Some agencies help you process the Dubai visa, and they would offer you a complete package covering the consulate fees, medical insurance, including COVID, service charges, and taxes.

Validity And Processing Time

The validity of the 14-day Dubai tourist visa is 60 days from the issue date. The processing time for this visa is 2-3 working days. Always keep some days in advance for the visa to be processed; else, it will derail your holiday plans for any last-minute surprises.

Common Reasons For Dubai Visa Rejections

The Dubai visa for Indians can be rejected on the following conditions:

  • Incomplete Dubai visa application – typo or incomplete Dubai visa applications or lack of supporting documents may lead to a cancellation or rejection of your Dubai visa.
  • Single Woman Traveller – Women traveling below 25 years without their parents, guardians, or relatives accompanying them may lead to a cancellation or rejection of their Dubai visa.
  • Overstay on your last Dubai holiday – Overstaying on your last Dubai holiday may delay or reject your Dubai visa. In addition, you are overstaying leads to fine and serious consequences like delisting.
  • Handwritten Passports – Handwritten passports are not accepted by the Dubai authorities anymore. 
  • The previous non-entry of your UAE visa – if you had an approved UAE visa and couldn’t enter the UAE in the issued period, you may lead to a delay or rejection of your Dubai visa.
  • An unskilled profession in your passport – Your Dubai visa for Indians may get rejected if you have specified termed as unskilled.
  • Criminal background – Applicants who have a criminal background or are involved in misconduct or fraud in the UAE will get their visa rejected or delayed

If you are excited to travel to Dubai and still wondering how and where to apply at an affordable price without any major hassles. Get complete mentoring for your Dubai visa for Indians throughout the visa journey. We act as a one-stop destination covering all your Dubai visa requirements that you may face as part of your visa journey. So focus on your travel itinerary the leave the Dubai visa requirements to us. We have in-depth experience in facilitating the Dubai visa for Indians.

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