Detailed Info About Dubai’s Short Term 30 Days Multiple-Entry Visa 2023

When travelling to Dubai, tourists usually find that applying for a visa is the most challenging part of the process. It’s easy to apply for a Dubai visa if you follow a few guidelines, do your research, and get help from an experienced visa consultant. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the type of Dubai visa you would require for your Dubai trip. There are various types of Dubai visas available depending on the type and duration of your trip. If you are planning a short stay in the emirate, Dubai offers both Single-entry and Multiple-entry tourist visas. This article aims to give you a comprehensive insight on how to get a Dubai Multiple-entry visa for Indian tourists. Continue reading to find out more.

What is a Dubai Multiple-entry tourist visa?

The purpose of a Multiple-entry visa is that it allows the visa holder to exit the country and re-enter multiple times till the duration of the visa lapses. Having a Multiple-entry visa eliminates the hassle that Single-entry visas pose, where the visa holder cannot enter the country after leaving it. This visa comes in handy when the Dubai visa holder wants to visit the UAE more than once or wants to travel outside the UAE, visit another country, then return to the UAE on the same valid visa.

Are there various multiple visas for Dubai?

The UAE offers the option of a 30-day or 90-day Multiple-entry visa. Dubai has recently announced a new 5-year visa with Multiple-entry for visitors planning long-term trips or wanting to return to Dubai in intervals over the course of 5 years. The best option for anyone visiting Dubai for more than a couple of weeks or a month at a stretch, or who wants the option to exit and re-enter, is to obtain a short-term Multiple-entry visa of 30 days.

What is a 30-day short-term Dubai Multiple-entry visa?

A short-term Multiple-entry Dubai visa lets a visa holder enter and exit Dubai for tourist or social visits multiple times. The 30-day visa allows visa holders to stay in Dubai for that stipulated amount of time. It is important to note that a 30-day Dubai visa entails a validity of 58 days, which differs from your 30-day stay approval granted on your Dubai visa. Regardless of whether you have arrived in Dubai or how much time you have spent there, the validity of the visa begins on the date of issue and lasts for 58 days. Once the validity expires, you may extend it for 30 days for an additional charge.

Who can apply for a short term Multiple-entry Dubai visa?

Any person with a valid passport can apply for a Dubai short-term visitor visa. However, whether you need a pre-approved valid visa before entering UAE depends on your nationality. Certain nationalities are visa-exempt and some get visas on arrival. For an Indian citizen, a UAE visa has to be obtained before departure to UAE.

How can Indians apply for a Multiple-entry Dubai Tourist visa?

Multiple-entry Dubai tourist visas are applied for in the same way as single-entry visas, except you will have to indicate you need a Multiple-entry on your visa application. Do keep in mind that an Indian citizen cannot get a Dubai tourist visa by applying at a Dubai Consulate in India. A Dubai visa is processed and validated in the UAE which is taken on behalf of the applicant by a sponsor residing in the UAE.

What is the process of applying for a Multiple-entry Dubai visa?

  1. The first step is to find a sponsor in the UAE. For tourism purposes, this can be a travel agency or the airline you are opting to fly to Dubai.
  2. Check your passport and ensure that you have a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport after you reach Dubai.
  3. Next, fill out an online application form completely and without any errors. Pay the fees and keep a copy of the online application form submission page.
  4. Gather all the documents needed as per your travel purpose. For a tourist, the basic documents required are

  • A valid passport.
  • Colour photographs as per dimensions and specifications mentioned as per visa guideline.
  • An invitation letter from the sponsor.
  • Details of your travel itinerary and addresses of places you are staying during your Dubai visit.
  • A letter from your employer citing your employment details, salary, acceptance of leave, and purpose of travel.
  • In the case of an entrepreneur, the letter should outline details of the business, and trading license information on company letterhead.
  • Financial documents such as salary slips and bank documents to prove financial ability to cover the duration of stay in Dubai.
  • Additional documents such as vaccination certificates, health and travel insurance, marriage certificates for the spouse, birth certificates for children travelling along etc.
  • Pay the visa fees and submit all the documents to the sponsor or visa consultant who will be managing your Dubai visa application on your behalf with the UAE Consulate. Then, all you have to do is wait for a reply about your visa result.

How much does a Multiple-entry Dubai visa cost?

A 30-day Multiple-entry visa Dubai price is around AED 800 per person.

How long does it take for a Dubai tourist visa to process?

Dubai tourist visa takes about 5 to 7 working days to process. However, it is best to apply in advance so that you do not have to wait till the last minute to get the visa approves. Delays can be caused if the documentation is not properly submitted or any additional paperwork is requested by the consulate.

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