List of Top Beaches in Dubai 2024

Beach vacations are longed for by almost everyone. There is nothing better than to hear the calm sound of the sea waves, relax in the sand, and admire the beautiful scenery. Beach vacation is both soothing, relaxing, and adventurous if you get into the water for surfing or scuba diving. That means everything for everyone. Dubai is among the best cities in the world to visit. world. The architectural innovations and developments are awesome. Besides these reasons, a lot of tourists are attracted to Dubai also for the reason that there are many coastal beaches lining the coast of Dubai overlooking the Arabian Sea. Below are the thirteen best beaches in Dubai.

1. La Mer

La Mer Beach Dubai

It is one of the latest beaches in Dubai. It is surrounded by tall palm trees. The serene sandy beach and the turquoise sea waters have begun to draw the attention of thousands of visitors. You can bathe in the sun and relax peacefully or go swimming in the sea waters of this heavenly beach. There are cafes attached to the beach that serve fresh, top-notch seafood to relish. The Lagoon Waterpark is also located here where you and your group can slide through the amazing water rides. Sunrise and sunset views are sure to mesmerize you.

Location: Jumeirah 1

2. Kite Beach

Kite Beach Duabi

Kite Beach gets its name from the adventure sport, kite surfing performed by many. The swell in the water waves makes it perfect for thrilling extreme sports like canoeing, stand-up paddling and wakeboarding, beach volleyball, beach tennis, kayaking, and soap football. The Burj-Al-Arab overlooks the beach creating beautiful scenery. Also, if you aren’t looking for some activity and want to relax then there are numerous luxurious resorts here. Also, the beach has libraries from where you can borrow and read while peacefully bathing in the sun.

Location: 35 A St – Dubai

3. Jumeirah Public Beach

Jumeirah Public Beach

This beautiful beach has clear blue waters on one side and the majestic 7-star Burj Al Arab on the other. The sand on this beach is fine and nice to walk on. It is most visited during sunset because of the indescribable views of the golden sand and the orangish sky. Palm trees are spotted in large amounts at the beach. The key highlights are the presence of children’s parks, desert gardens, cafes, and barbeque restaurants to fill your empty stomach after a long beach picnic.

Location: Jumeirah district, Dubai

4. Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach Dubai

5 sandy beaches are a part of the Al Mamzar Beach. It welcomes both newly married couples, families, and adventurers alike. The beach is a beach park open for women specifically on Mondays and Wednesdays. Children under the age of 4 are allowed to accompany them. You will find public restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and other items to rent. There are air-conditioned tents with barbeque arrangements where you can cook delicious food and enjoy. It also has swimming pools and a playground for children. The entry fee to the beach park costs 5 AED per head.

Location: Al Mamzar Beach Park, Dubai

5. Marina Beach

Marina Beach Dubai

Marina Beach is one of those beaches that lets you stay close to the city while not that close to getting frustrated by the crowd. At night, you can see the shimmering reflections of the skyscrapers bordering the beach. The tranquility of the sandy beach with the waves rolling in is the key highlight of the Marina Beach, You can also book a cruise tour and sail along the coastline. To spend the day admiring the beautiful view, you can stay for some days at the exotic beach resorts.

Location: Dubai Marina

6. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Dubai

Umm Suqeim Beach is also known as Sunset Beach because of the picturesque sunset views it has to offer. Also, it is Dubai’s only surf break so you will find a bunch of surfers here. People come here to witness the beautiful sunset or even during early morning hours for a morning walk or jog. It has regular beach facilities available like public restrooms, etc.

Location: 22, Al Sagi Street

7. Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach Dubai

It is also known as the Secret Beach because it is secluded from the bustling city by the towering palm trees. The major tourist attractions like Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah can be seen from a distance. This Beach destination is best to relax for some time whilst sightseeing because of the calm nature of the area. The pristine glow of the sand and the cool sea breeze will relax you to the core.

Location: 44 33a Street

8. Palm West Beach

Palm West Beach Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah Island is a marvel of Dubai architecture. It is a man-made island floating on the sea waters. This isle has also resulted in the creation of artificial coastlines and Palm West Beach is one of them. This Beach is known for its lively nightlife because of the many bars people visit and drink. There are also many restaurants attached to the beach where you can dine while adoring the flowing waves and the beach scenery.

Location: 444V+J99 West Beach – The Palm Jumeirah

9. Mercato Beach

Mercato Beach Dubai

The Mercato Beach is a spread of grainy sand overlooking the Persian Gulf, near the Mercato Mall. The beach is not equipped with restaurants and water sports are not performed here. But the view here is very beautiful and you have the beach to yourself as there is less crowd. The mall nearby has a food area where you can satisfy your hunger. This beach is perfect for a break from the daily touring. The library offers multiple books to read and relax.

Location : Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai

10. Aquaventure Beach

Aquaventure Beach Dubai

The Aquaventure Beach lies along the famous Atlantis, the Palm Dubai. This Beach is however not open to everyone but only to guests. It also doesn’t mean that visiting this Beach is pricey and out of budget. You can spend some fun time with your family at the Aquaventure Park and enjoy its amazing water rides after which you can witness the beauty of the beach. It is one of the cleanest beaches as it is well maintained, calm, and serene and the memories made here will last forever.

Location: Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

11. Ghantoot Beach

The beaches in Dubai are not to be missed while planning your itinerary. The Ghantoot Beach is another Beach whose coastline is owned by the Golden Tulip Hotel. There are volleyball nets installed for tourists to engage in this sport. The entry fee is 100 AED. There are restaurants, bars, pools, and bistros nearby for you to dine and ease up. You can book a room at a resort if you wish to spend the night and adore the night scene of the beach.

Location: Along Sheikh Zayed Road

12. The Royal Island Beach

Royal Island Beach is one of the best beaches in Dubai situated at the World Island in Dubai. Have a great time at this beach that boasts of beach restaurants, swimming pools, events, etc. Eat delicious foods while on this beach. Drink delicious drinks and smoke shisha admiring the spectacular view of Dubai sky. The key highlight: Two choice beach clubs on an island with sports like a swimming pool, beach volleyball court, and the classiest island restaurant and beach bar.

Location: Tower 2 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard – Dubai

13. Barasti Beach

Spend your day lying on the beach and spend evenings drinking and dancing to wild beats of music. Barasti Beach makes for a must-go spot when on a vacation in Dubai, This is the only beach in Dubai where alcohol is sold, and it is popular for its crazy party scene. The atmosphere of this beach is going to set your vacation mood right as it is crowded with fun locals and outsiders. Experience a joy-filled visit to Barasti Beach with friends.

Location: Dubai Marina


Dubai has some of the best beach destinations in the world, and this article looks closer at that. It carefully outlines various options, ranging from lavish seafront resorts to hidden coastal jewels. The article creates a mental picture of Dubai’s beaches by mingling together luxury, relaxation, and nature. Dubai offers a wide array of coastal retreats that satisfy the needs of different taste groups, whether one is interested in water sports, peaceful sands, or an iconic city background.


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