Best Areas to Live in Dubai for Indian Expats 2023

Planning a trip is one thing but moving to another city in a foreign country is altogether a big thrill. Your future depends on the decision you make, which is why it is important to consider it carefully. A place like Dubai immediately springs to mind when you are planning to live abroad. Dubai is a far better option for Indians who are seeking a dependable, reliable location. It is no secret that several Indians migrate to Dubai each year in pursuit of a better life. In case you are thinking about moving to Dubai from India, then this guide is for you. Here are some of the places to check out for a life in Dubai for Indian Family. Before that, you need to check which Dubai visa online exactly suits you for the reason of immigration.

Why do Indians choose to live in Dubai?

One of the main reasons Indian expatriates seek to move to Dubai is the quality of life for Indian families there. The majority of the population in Dubai is made up of expatriates mainly from the Indian subcontinent. In reality, Dubai roughly has 15% Emiratis among its population. The rest are all non-residents from foreign countries mainly from India. As a result, most Indians don’t feel out of place when they shift to Dubai.

For Indians, the distance to their home country is also shorter. Dubai can be reached by air in about 3-4 hours, thus most Indian expatriates feel they aren’t very far away from home.

Why do Indians choose to live in Dubai?

Over the years, Dubai has shifted toward becoming more of a residential destination, instead of just a commercial one. Furthermore, tourism developed to attract more family holidaymakers, leading to the construction of theme parks and kid-friendly spaces in the city. The impact of this led Indians to feel more confident about moving to Dubai with families rather than just having the breadwinner of the family seek employment in the emirate.

The city’s high safety quotient is also one reason Indians should consider Dubai their next home away from home. With its strict laws and regulations, the crime rate is low which makes it rank as one of the safest cities to live in the world.

The most compelling reason to move to Dubai is due to its high standard of living, good infrastructure, convenient amenities, world-class education system, and chances to earn more money and pay no income tax.

If all these reasons have piqued your interest in looking at Dubai as a potential place to move or you are already planning to migrate to Dubai and asking yourself  ‘where do most Indians stay in Dubai?’, then these are the top places to shortlist to rent a place for living in Dubai.

Bur Dubai

One of the main tips for living in Dubai as an Indian would be to stay in the area with more Indian communities. Bur Dubai is where you will find the majority of Indian expats neighbourhoods. This region is comprised of Downtown Dubai and Dubai Creek, which has many remarkable apartment residences to stay in as well as Indian stores, shops, and restaurants. Bur Dubai has good connections to other areas of Dubai via the metro, so living here comes in handy when you have to commute a distance for work. Indians who have lived in metropolitan cities before moving to Dubai find that Bur Dubai is a good way to combat homesickness since it has a buzzing vibe that instantly makes you feel at home.

Bur Dubai

Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City is another affordable, yet upscale township that can be the perfect place for Indians in Dubai. It is one of the best spots in Dubai to live with family, especially if you or your kids are inclined towards sports. Dubai loves to play with themes and it can also be seen that properties in Dubai also have themed areas. The Dubai Sports City is an excellent choice if you enjoy sports and you would like to live close to gyms, sports clubs, and schools and sports academies. Within Dubai Sports City, you will find a range of options, from simple studio apartments, gated communities to independent villas. Families seeking a wallet-friendly residence can live here in a lively neighborhood with amazing facilities.

Dubai Sports City


Located just minutes away from Dubai International Airport, Mirdif is a quaint residential area that exudes an Arabian and European ambiance. The township is designed to accommodate luxury villas that are perfect for those seeking seclusion and privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city. Additionally, Mirdif is equipped with residential apartments, play areas for kids, hospitals, supermarkets, and international schools. The area is also away from many of the major tourist hubs, making it a calmer and more serene place to live. It is one of the finest family-friendly locations for Indians to live in Dubai. The area is one of the best freehold areas in Dubai where you may also invest in a property. However, rental and ownership prices for properties here are quite expensive.

International City

There are many reasons why you should consider renting a place here in Dubai. Located in Al Warsan, the residential complex has well-appointed, modern studios and one-bedroom apartments, and the residential blocks follow different styles of architecture from around the world. You can choose an accommodation that oozes France’s elegant ambience or Italy’s traditional decor for your stay. Families will find International City a great place to stay, away from the concrete modern jungle of Dubai. In addition to having a wide variety of shops, restaurants, schools, and salons available nearby, the area is within a short distance of Dragon Mall, Dubai Safari Park, and Academic City, making it an ideal place to visit and live beyond Dubai’s urban chaos. In Dubai, International City is the best place for you and your family to stay if you want to enjoy a community lifestyle within a reasonable price.

Dubai International City

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