Top Dhow Cruises in Dubai for Memorable Dinner

Dubai is known for offering unique experiences to both tourists and locals. Right from visiting the observation deck in the tallest building in the world to having fun at the largest indoor theme park in the world, Dubai provides innumerable experiences. Dhow cruise is one such one-of-a-kind experience that you can experience in Dubai. Dhows have been a part of Dubai’s transportation for several decades. Today, they are a big part of its tourism. Dhow cruise Dubai is considered to be an important part of Dubai tourism experience, one that no one should miss. Today, we will talk about the best dhow cruises in Dubai that you can experience while visiting the city.

What is a Dhow Cruise?

Dhow Cruise dinner

A dhow is a wooden boat that was used for transportation in the earlier days. Today, these traditional boats, decked up in Bedouin style, have been turned into floating restaurants. Dhow cruises have two decks: an air-conditioned one downstairs and an open-air one on the top. Dhow cruises usually happen in the evening and include a delicious dinner. Dhow cruises are quite popular with tourists who visit Dubai. Tourists get the chance to enjoy a scrumptious meal in a unique setting while enjoying the beautiful views of the city.

Apart from being a great way to spend an evening with family and friends or even a date, the dhow cruise is also a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In fact, there are special dhow cruises on New Year’s Eve for those who want to welcome the New Year in a unique way. It is also possible to customize your dhow cruise experience by including live shows, DJ parties, and dances.

What to Expect During a Dhow Cruise in Dubai?

Dhow Cruise

You get to experience and enjoy Emirati hospitality during the dhow cruise. The cruise begins with a welcome drink (usually Arabic coffee) as you settle at your table. As the cruise begins, you will get to enjoy gentle music, sometimes even live music. While admiring the views of the city, you can start with your dinner, which includes appetizers, a main course, and dessert. Meanwhile, you will be enthralled by an excellent Tanoura dance performance. If you are seated downstairs, you are free to go upstairs and enjoy the breeze on the upper deck. Alcoholic drinks can also be ordered on the cruise.

What are the Best Dhow Cruises in Dubai?

Although all dhow cruises are more or less the same, you can choose the location for a different experience. With this in mind, we will give you information on the best dhow cruises you can find in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is an integral part of the city of Dubai and has immense historical significance. The Dubai Creek divides Dubai into 2 sections: Bur Dubai and Deira. It is also here that the Emiratis first settled when they moved to the city from the desert. Going on a Dhow Cruise Creek will give you the chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the city. You will find modern attractions on one side of the Creek and old monuments and buildings on the other. The 2-hour long cruise also includes an Emirati buffet dinner and entertainment programs like Tanoura dance performance.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina view

The Dubai Marina shows you a modern, glamorous side of the city. Artificially built, the Dubai Marina is flanked by opulent buildings, stylish architecture, and gorgeous waterfront sights. Going on a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina is a stylish affair, as you get to enjoy the gorgeous views of ultra-modern Dubai. During the cruise, you will get to enjoy an international 3-course buffet dinner and entertainment in the form of dance performances and live music.

Dubai Water Canal Cruise

A manmade channel, the Dubai Water Canal is a relatively recent addition (2016) to the list of attractions in Dubai. Cruising on the water canal gives you the chance to enjoy the splendid skyline of Dubai. The highlight of the cruise is checking out the five pedestrian bridges that adorn the canal, the purple-hued archway, namely the Tolerance Bridge, being the star attraction. Along with the beauty of the location, you will get to enjoy a delicious international meal while cruising on the Dubai Water Canal. Dubai Canal cruises are available as combo packages along with some other popular attractions of the city.

Musandam Dibba Tour

Unlike the above-mentioned dhow cruises, the Musandam Dibba dhow cruise is a day tour rather than a 2- or 3-hour dinner cruise. The Musandam Dibba tour takes you to the borders of the UAE, to Oman. Known as the Norway of the Middle East, Musandam is a fjord flanked by the mighty Hajjar Mountains and thus endowed with breathtaking beauty. Apart from enjoying the beauty of the place, you can also enjoy fishing, banana boat riding, swimming, and snorkeling while cruising on the traditional Omani wooden dhow. The continental lunch on the cruise is one of the highlights of the Musandam Dibba tour.


Dhow cruise dinner is a casual event and does not have a dress code. Still, it is best to dress in formal, semi-formal, or smart clothes. So do not waste any more time. Get your Dubai visa now and start planning for your dhow cruise trip. Also, do not forget to do your research to ensure that you get the best dhow cruise Dubai price and the most memorable cruise dhow experience.

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