Experience the Thrill of Adventurous Desert Camp Activities and Safari Tours in Dubai 2023

Dubai is an ultra-modern city that is home to some of the most innovative and unique buildings. Apart from being the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), Dubai also has the tallest hotel in the world (Burj Al Arab), the largest indoor theme park (IMG Worlds of Adventures), the largest indoor ski resort (Ski Dubai), and many such architectural marvels. In short, the city has many things that would ensure that you do not want to explore beyond the city. Still, there is one thing that lures people away to the outskirts of Dubai, i.e. the vast deserts of the land. The desert safari is one of the most popular activities amongst tourists and something that you should not miss when visiting the city. Before that, you need to book your Dubai visa online and get ready to experience these adventure thrills.

Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari is usually an action-packed tour that takes you to the vast desert dunes of the city. It gives you a glimpse of the life of the Bedouins in the past. There are adventurous activities to try, entertaining programs to enjoy, and even great food to indulge in. Depending on the type of desert safari you choose, you would get to enjoy different activities and experiences in the desert.

Types of Desert Safari

There are basically 3 types of desert safaris in Dubai: morning desert safari, evening desert safari, and overnight desert safari. All the desert safaris that you may see are different versions of these three basic desert safaris.

Morning Desert Safari:


The morning desert safari usually happens early in the morning, where you get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. You get to enjoy various adventurous activities at the morning desert safari, and it usually ends with a breakfast served with delicious Arabic coffee.

Evening Desert Safari:

The evening desert safari is the most popular version of the desert safari. It begins with adventurous activities, which is followed by entertaining activities and ends with a scrumptious BBQ dinner.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Overnight camping in Dubai is an extended version of the evening desert safari. Instead of going home after dinner, you retire to your tents at the desert safari camp to spend a night amongst the desert dunes. It also includes bonfires and stargazing as well.

Thrilling Activities at Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Dune Bashing:

Dune bashing is the star attraction of the Dubai desert safari. Dune bashing happens on a 4×4 vehicle and is akin to a rollercoaster ride. The driver takes off some air from the tires so that the vehicle flows smoothly on the high and low sand dunes. This activity can only be done by an expert driver. Little children, pregnant women, and people with heart conditions should avoid dune bashing.

Camel Riding:


You cannot return from a desert safari without riding a camel, the ship of the desert. If you want to experience how the Arabs travelled in the desert in the olden times, camel riding is something you must try. While most evening and morning desert safaris offer camel riding, it is only for a short time. To enjoy the beauty of the desert while leisurely riding a camel, it is best to opt for a desert safari with a camel riding tour package.


Sandboarding is another thrilling desert activity that is loved by adventurous people. Just like snowboarding is done on the snow, sandboarding is done on the sand. Upon arrival at the desert camp, you would be given a board and some instructions from a tour guide. You can choose a high or low sand dune to try your sandboarding skills. Although it is not too difficult, it will require some practice to become an expert at snowboarding.

Quad Biking:


Quad biking is another adventurous activity you can enjoy on a desert safari tour. Unlike dune bashing, you can ride and manoeuvre the quad bike on your own. Even people who do not have any driving experience or skill can ride the quad bike. Do not forget to listen to the instructions carefully to ride the quad bike like a pro.

Hot Air Balloon Riding:

Hot air balloon riding is an experience that you would not find in regular desert safaris. It usually happens in the morning and is a separate desert safari tour. The hot air balloon ride happens early in the morning, giving you the chance to watch a beautiful sunrise while floating above the sand. It is also a great opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of the desert.

Entertaining and Other Activities Desert Safari Tours in Dubai

Apart from adventurous activities, the desert safari tour has several entertainment programs and activities. Almost all evening and overnight desert safari tours offer belly dance and Tanoura dance performances. You can also get your hands painted with henna, smoke shisha, and take a picture with a falcon on your wrist. Evening desert safari also gives you the chance to enjoy a 3-course dinner that includes barbecue dishes, main courses, and dessert. You would get to try both traditional and Emirati dishes here.

The desert safari in Dubai is one of the best ways to spend a fun-filled evening with family and friends. Whichever type of desert safari you choose, be it a desert stay in Dubai, a morning adventure, or an entertaining evening safari, you would undoubtedly have the most memorable time.

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