Dubai Shopping Festival: Get ready to Shop for 2023

The best time for shopaholics to visit Dubai is during the Dubai Shopping Festival, the largest shopping festival in the world. International shoppers flock to Dubai every year to take advantage of the incredible sales and discounts. If you have a Dubai visa online and are planning a trip to Dubai for the Dubai Shopping Festival, this guide will tell you all you need to know, from the best places to shop to the must-have goods on your shopping list.

About Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping Festival

Annually, Dubai – the most happening hub of the UAE hosts the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). Started in 1996 as a way to attract tourists to the emirate, it quickly evolved into the world’s largest shopping festival, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world each year.

The event lasts one month, usually from mid – December to mid-January. During the festival, malls, souks, markets, and retail stores reduce merchandise prices by up to 75% off major brands of apparel, home furnishing, interior decor, cosmetics, electronic gadgets, jewellery, and much more. The Dubai Shopping Festival features several notable worldwide brands whose products you can get at unbelievable prices! Dubai comes to life during this period with a variety of events, including lucky draws, musical performances, illuminated drone shows, and fireworks displays.

When is Dubai Shopping Festival held in 2022-23?

The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) will take place this year from December 15 through January 29, 2023. Hence, if you are considering a vacation to Dubai, get ready to apply for a Dubai visa and book flight tickets for a trip in December, which also happens to be the perfect time of year to visit Dubai. With Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and DSF all falling around the end of December, it’s the ideal time to enjoy Dubai’s bustling festivities and upbeat ambience. A reputable tour operator can easily guide you with Dubai Shopping Festival ticket prices, and holiday tours. They can also assist you on the best spots for sightseeing and shopping.

What to buy at the Dubai Shopping Festival?

Dubai Shopping Festival

The entire emirate transforms into a spectacular shopping carnival during the Dubai Shopping Festival, and you can discover lavish sales and steep discounts in almost all malls and commercial shops in Dubai. Multiple malls participate in the event, and the emirate as a whole is infused with a shopping mood. If you’ve been considering making a pricey purchase, DSF in Dubai is the ideal time to make them and other splurging purchases. You can get fantastic discounts on electronic devices, jewellery, precious stones, designer clothing, Arabian coffee and dates, perfumes, and tonnes of other merchandise during DSF. If you are wondering what to buy in the Dubai Shopping Festival, these are the items with the biggest discounts and are on sale during DSF.

Apparel – Nearly all renowned worldwide fashion brands and clothing labels have stores in Dubai’s opulent malls. DSF is a fantastic time to update your wardrobe with brand-new apparel at exclusive discounted prices.

Jewellery – Shopping for jewellery is very popular in Dubai, where you can discover a variety of jewels made of gold, crystal, and valuable semi-precious stones. If you’re looking to enhance your collection or make an investment in gold jewellery during DSF, Dubai Gold Souk is a must-visit location. From expensive gold pieces to fine jewellery, you can shop according to your preferences and price range.

Middle Eastern merchandise – The Arabian Souks are brimming with treasures from the Middle East and the DSF is an incredible occasion to bring back some traditional keepsakes like perfumes, Arabic coffee, Middle Eastern rugs, aromatic spices, and much more.

Electronic items – The gadget lover in you will also be thrilled to find steep price reductions on electrical equipment, laptops, watches, cameras, and much more. DSF offers the best chance to get certain electronic products at amazing savings.

List of best spots to shop: The Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, La Mer, Mercato Mall, Nakheel Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Al Seef at Dubai Creek, LuLu Village, Ibn Battuta Mall, Global Village, Dragon Mart, Dubai Souks

Things to do other than Shopping in Dubai during DSF.

DSF is the most extravagant time to shop and splurge to your heart’s content. However, there are plenty of other things to do if shopping isn’t what you are looking for during your Dubai trip in December.

  • Explore the city and take in the festive fervour that spreads throughout the emirate. The city gets decked in a myriad of festive flair and looks adorable in all the festoons and decor. The festive vibe is contagious and before you know it you will be enchanted and joining in the festivities as well.
  • Explore the events and activities held throughout the emirate during the Dubai shopping festival. Even if you are not so keen on going on an extravagant retail therapy, you can enjoy live concerts and entertainment shows of renowned artists, explore the extravagant food scene, or try your luck in grand lucky draws and Raffles where you can win an exorbitant amount of cash, gold bars, or even a sleek car!
  • Don’t forget to take some time off to see the extravagant illuminations, light shows, drone shows, and magnificent fireworks displays throughout Dubai. It would be one of the most memorable moments you would cherish during your Dubai trip during the DSF.

Some useful tips for shoppers:

1. Plan your budget before visiting the malls during the Dubai Shopping Festival. If you don’t stick to a budget during the DSF, you run the risk of burning a hole in your wallet.

2. Prepare a shopping wishlist so you know what you want to buy.

3. Don’t go on a buying binge every day. Allocate a few days for shopping, and use the other days to explore the city.

4. Keep track of your expenditures and try not to go over your budget unless it’s an excellent offer.

5. When arriving in Dubai, pack lightly and don’t bring a lot of stuff. Given how irresistibly enticing it is to shop at the DSF, there is a good chance that you will bring back a lot of items. If you’re going to be doing a lot of shopping, you might want to consider taking or purchasing an empty suitcase so you can load your purchases and take them home.

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