Dubai Visa Application: Need to Know About Requirements and Fees

If you are planning to travel to an exciting destination, Dubai is a great choice. This is where you will need to get Dubai tourist visa. Depending on your passport, you may have to apply for tourist visa to get into Dubai. Let’s learn more about the Dubai visa application and fees that you will have to pay.

Types of Dubai Visas

Dubai offers several visa options depending on the purpose and duration of your visit:

  • Tourist visa – Valid for 30 days, can be extended once for an additional 30 days. Required for leisure travel.
  • Transit visa – Valid for 96 hours, non-extendable. For brief stopovers through Dubai.
  • Business visa – Issued for 60 days, can be extended to 90 days total. For attending conferences, meetings, or sales visits.
  • Work visa – Required for any employment or work activities in Dubai. Issued after securing employment.

Most visitors from countries requiring a visa for the UAE will apply for a tourist visa for Dubai. The visa only allows leisure travel with no paid or professional activities permitted.

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements

To qualify for a Dubai tourist visa, you must submit:

  • Passport valid for minimum 6 months from date of arrival
  • Completed visa application form
  • Digital passport photo as per UAE visa photo requirements
  • Copy of hotel booking or letter of invitation from UAE resident
  • Proof of adequate funds to cover trip costs
  • Confirmed return flight booking out of Dubai
  • Travel health insurance covering minimum AED 100,000
  • Credit card to cover visa fees payment

All documents must be in English or Arabic. Visa approval can take anywhere from instant approval to 10 working days depending on your nationality.


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Dubai Visa Fees

Dubai tourist visa fees depend on your country of citizenship and processing method:

  • On Arrival Visas – Citizens of some countries can obtain visas upon arrival at Dubai’s airports for AED 100-200.
  • Normal Processing – Standard tourist visa fees range from AED 105-260 depending on nationality.
  • Express Processing – Fast-tracked visas usually cost an additional AED 185 on top of normal fees.
  • Service Fees – Third party agencies charge service fees starting around $50-65 for facilitating visa application.

Indians make up one of the largest proportions of tourists to the UAE. Dubai visa fees for Indians is around AED 260 (approx. $70 USD).

Visa fees must be paid online in advance – cash payments are not accepted on arrival. Many nationalities can purchase a Dubai e-visa easily online.

How to Apply for a Dubai Visa

There are three main ways to submit a visa application:

  • Online direct – Apply through approved Dubai government websites or Etisalat visa services.
  • Visa agent – Hire an authorized visa agency to handle your application.
  • Airline services – Some airlines allow applying for a Dubai visa as part of flight booking.

Using a reputable visa agent can simplify the process and ensure all requirements are met. Agents charge service fees but take care of securing hotel bookings or other required documents on your behalf.

Once approved, your passport will be stamped with a Dubai tourist visa at the airport upon arrival. Double check that your name, dates, and details are correct on the visa. Ensure you follow all terms during your stay in Dubai.

How to Check Your Dubai Visa Status

To check the status of your Dubai visa, you should visit the website. There will be a message stating if your visa is approved, pending further processing, or rejected. You can also check directly with the visa agent who processed your application on your behalf. Many provide tracking services where you enter your application details and passport number to see the current status.

Some key statuses you may see include:

  • Application Received – Submitted and pending security checks
  • Application Under Process – Being reviewed by immigration authorities
  • On Hold – Pending further information or documents from applicant
  • Approved – Visa has been approved and passport will be stamped upon arrival
  • Rejected – Visa declined; reasons provided

The processing time can range from near-instant approval to up to 10 business days depending on nationality. Continue monitoring your visa status until it changes to “Approved”.

Top Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection

There are a few common mistakes that can lead to your Dubai visa getting rejected:

  • Passport expiring in less than 6 months
  • Missing documents or incorrect information on application
  • Unclear or improper visa photos submitted
  • Insufficient funds to cover trip costs
  • No detailed itinerary provided with application
  • Prior deportation or overstaying visas in UAE
  • Applying under tourist visa for business/work purposes
  • Criminal record or other security issues
  • Problems verifying applicant identity

Carefully reviewing all the visa requirements and double checking your details can help minimize the risk of rejection. Having an authorized visa agent handle the process can also improve your chances for approval.

Final words

With the right documents and some advanced planning, getting a visa to experience Dubai is a smooth endeavour. You can then look forward to enjoying Dubai’s world-famous attractions, beaches, shopping, and nightlife.

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