Important Reasons for Dubai Visa Rejection or Refusal

Dubai visas often pose the greatest challenge to Dubai travellers when planning a trip. What is even more dreaded is the outcome of the visa after it has been meticulously documented and submitted to the Embassy. The fate of a well-planned trip is entirely dependent on the visa status. However, the entire visa application process does not have to be so stressful.

With a few essential tips in mind about what not to do that will result in visa rejection, you will be able to ace your application and receive a positive visa outcome. We have compiled a list of the most common Dubai visa rejection reasons. Check it out and bookmark it for future reference!

Insufficient passport validity

passport validity

A six-month validity on your passport after arriving in Dubai is now considered necessary for a Dubai visa. Check your passport to ensure it has enough validity to process your Dubai visa before beginning the process. Handwritten passports are also grounds for visa denial.

Incorrect visa type

The type of visa indicates your intention to visit Dubai. As a result, if you do not select the correct visa category, you will be denied a visa. A short-term tourist visa in Dubai can only be used for social visits, business conferences, meetings, or leisure travel. Those looking for work in the emirate cannot do so on a Dubai tourist visa. Hence, you must be aware of the type of Dubai visa you will require for your visit to the emirate.

Lack of funds

The most common ground for Dubai visa refusal is insufficient subsistence or bank balance. You must show financial proof that there are sufficient funds in your bank accounts to cover the duration of your stay in Dubai. If there are insufficient funds, the visa will be denied. Make sure you have a healthy and stable bank balance with no sudden deposits to just fulfil the criteria. In the case of such deposits, you will have to clarify the purpose.

Failure to reserve a confirmed return flight ticket

The UAE embassy requires absolute assurance that you will leave the country once your visit is over. There is a mandatory requirement for Dubai visa processing to obtain a confirmed return flight ticket for this purpose. If this cannot be accomplished, the visa will be denied.

Late visa application

Another Dubai visa refusal reason is the late application of the visa. A Dubai visa can be easily obtained within 4 to 5 working days. However, it is best to apply for a Dubai visa at least a month before the travel date to avoid any late rushes or visa rejection disappointments.

The UAE sponsor’s credibility

A UAE resident must sponsor a Dubai visa application. When you apply for a Dubai visa, the embassy also investigates your visa sponsor’s credibility. If any anomalies are discovered, your visa status may be jeopardised.

Inadequate, incorrect, or false information in a visa application

When you apply for a Dubai visa online, you must fill out your information and check your options correctly. It is pivotal that you fill in all of the details accurately while doing so. Before you begin filling out the online application, it is imperative that you read the information on the website and follow the instructions. The visa will be rejected if the visa form is incomplete, incorrect, or contains any spelling errors. Furthermore, all information entered should correlate to the documentation you will submit with your visa application.

Photographs that do not meet visa specification guidelines

Wrong photographs are one of the most common reasons why Dubai visas are denied. When submitting a photograph for a Dubai visa, it is important to review the specifications and dimensions of how the photograph should be taken. It must be of a specific size, a colour photo with a white background, and of high quality. Facial features should be easily visible.

Incomplete or ambiguous travel itinerary and details

It is critical to provide all documents that demonstrate clarity in the purpose of travel when submitting your visa documentation. All details of your travel itinerary, such as lodging and duration of stay in Dubai, should be clearly presented.

Omission of travel or health insurance

Don’t forget to take travel and health insurance for your Dubai trip. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and health insurance have become a requirement for all visitors to the UAE. If you do not have travel and health insurance, you will not be granted a visa for your trip to Dubai.

The absence of a proper full name on the passport

People having passports with only a single name are currently prohibited from entering Dubai, according to the rules. As a result, these individuals will not be granted a Dubai visa. The full name of the traveller should be clearly and legibly documented on the passport.

Concerns about safety

The main purpose of a visa is to ensure the country’s security and to establish a low-risk factor in allowing a person to enter its borders. This includes untrustworthy travel history, overstaying in a previous destination, and violating a destination’s rules, laws, and norms while there. If the individual has a medical condition that could endanger or infect Dubai residents if they are not immunised, their visa may be denied. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic waves, the need for vaccinations and test results has become more pronounced.

The political status of your home country and the UAE also plays a significant role in granting the visa. If the UAE does not have a good relationship with your home country, you as a citizen will be side-lined and can be denied a visa to enter the UAE.


These are the most common Dubai visa refusal reasons to watch out for. The simplest way to avoid a Dubai visa rejection is to keep these reasons in mind, plan ahead of time, have all documentation ready, and begin applying a month in advance, offering you plenty of time to complete the application smoothly. Taking the advice of a reputable Dubai visa expert is the best way to approach a Dubai visa than doing it on your own. With a competent, knowledgeable agency handling your visa, you can be stress-free and look forward to an exciting trip to Dubai.

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