Know About Indian e-Tourist Visa – Application Process & Types 2024

India is a country that has fascinated outsiders for several centuries. It is blessed by rivers, oceans, beaches, mountains, deserts, dense forests, lush-green nature as well as amazing culture and traditions. Many outsiders visit it to learn yoga, seek ayurvedic treatment, gain education, and just explore its diversity. Now that India has opened its door to foreigners post covid, many are looking for Indian e-tourist visa applications. If you want to visit this great nation, find everything about the Indian e-tourist visa – application process and types.

What is e-Tourist Visa India?

The e-tourist visa in India is an electronic authorization for foreigners from eligible countries to travel to India. The Indian government launched it in October 2014 to make the process of securing visas smoother and easier for foreign visitors thereby, encouraging tourism in the country. Any foreigner who wants to engage in tourism activities, pay a visit to friends and family members, take ayurvedic treatment or learn yoga can apply for an e-tourist visa.

Other Things To know About e-Tourist Visa

Before submitting e tourist visa for India, you have to know certain important things about it.

  • E-tourist visa is non-convertible and non-extendable
  • You can apply only for a maximum of two e-visas in a year
  • Holding of sufficient funds is a must to support your stay in India
  • You have to carry authorized e-visa wherever you travel in India
  • Your passport must have a validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in India
  • Applicants holding diplomatic passports cannot apply for an e-tourist visa

Changes In e-tourist Visa India Post Omicron?

If you’re applying for an e-tourist visa application to tour India, you have to follow just a few simple steps. No matter which authorized website/ portal you’re using, filling in factual and complete information online is mandatory. Many portals will also need you to fill out a self-declaration form before your planned date of travel. It is also necessary to provide a travel history of 14 days back to the date you will be landing in India.

The next step is to upload the COVID-19 RT-PCR report, which obviously has to be negative. You need to take the RT-PCR test within 72 hours of the travel date. Since two doses of vaccination are compulsory, you need to upload vaccinated certifications. The certifications have to be genuine otherwise, you have to face criminal prosecution in lieu of producing the fake reports. So, before signing a declaration regarding the authenticity of the report, please read the conditions carefully.

Who is eligible for an Indian e-tourist visa?

All foreign nationals wanting to visit India for tourism purposes or otherwise have to apply for an Indian e visa application. There are several countries of the world that are eligible for Indian e-visa. So, before applying for an e-visa, please check if you’re a citizen of one of those eligible countries.

The online form to apply for e-visa needs foreigners to provide their full name, date, and place of birth, contact information, and passport details. For security reasons, there will be a few questions that the applicant has to answer. Once the details are provided and the formalities are completed online, you have to pay the e-tourist visa fees online.

Depending on whom you’ve approached, your e-tourist visa will be delivered to your mail inbox within 4 to 5 days. But if you apply for the same on, you will receive it within 48 hours. You can also rely on this website to apply for a Dubai visit visa online.

Types of e-Tourist Visa India

Depending on your purpose or stay in India, you can apply for two types of tourist visas for India. The first type is issued to tourists a for-one month and the second for one year.

One-month Indian e tourist visa

This one-month e tourist visa is applicable for 30 days from the date you arrive in India. It is valid only for once. Also, you’ve to travel in between the date on your visa and its expiry. With this single-entry visa, you can enter India only once. In case you fly back to your country and want to come back to India again within these 30 days, you’ve to apply for an e tourist visa again.

One-year Indian e Tourist Visa

As titled, this visa is valid for one complete year or 365 days from the date the e tourist visa is issued. However, the benefit of applying for a one-year e tourist visa for India is that you can make multiple entries for up to 3 months or 90 days. Nationals of a few countries are eligible to stay up to 180 days in India for each time.

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