10 Hidden Gems in Dubai You Should Definitely Not Miss On a Dubai Trip!

If you want to explore Dubai, you have endless choices, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to determine where to go. Start with the famous places of interest in Dubai, like the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and Dubai Creek which are definite must-see attractions in Dubai. But then, if you are an explorer and love to go to lesser-known places in the city that don’t draw crowds, then you will love this list of hidden gems in Dubai that you can squeeze into your Dubai trip.

Lesser-known yet amazing Dubai attractions

DIFC Gate Village


Dubai International Financial Centre appears to be a place where everything revolves around business and finance. However, that does not mean it’s a dull part of town. Begin your journey to DIFC Gate Village by wandering through Gate Avenue Mall, which features a variety of retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and indoor play spaces for children. During a walking tour, you can view Dubai’s modern architecture, such as the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future, which are frequently visible in images of the Dubai skyline. The Grand Mosque Dubai, a mosque that flawlessly integrates culture and contemporary elements is also located in the DIFC.

Al Qudra Lake

Al Qudra Lake Dubai

Not so keen to spend your time amid the dazzling cluster of Dubai’s modern towers? Take a pause and head to this serene manmade oasis – Al Qudra Lake. Located around an hour away from the bustling downtown Dubai, Al Qudra Lake is one of the offbeat places in Dubai that conjures up a tranquil scenery of a meandering lake amid the undulating golden dunes of Saih Al Salam desert dotted with refreshing palm trees and shrubs. It is a quaint spot to escape the contemporary lifestyle and revel in nature. The attraction also has a romantic spot – Love Lakes to enjoy some nonchalant moments with your beloved.

JBR Walk

Jumeirah Beach Residence walk

A tour along the JBR Walk is another beautiful way to soak up the atmosphere of Dubai. JBR Walk is a 1.7-kilometer-long beachfront promenade with panoramic views of the Persian Gulf. The boardwalk is dotted with elegant retail stores and pop-up restaurants, colourful murals and installations, open art galleries, outdoor movie theatres, cosy cafes, and diners to satisfy your cravings. One can easily take the Dubai Tram and enjoy another extraordinary experience in Dubai.

Fascinating finds for foodies

The Farm Restaurant, Al Barari

The Farm Restaurant

While Dubai has no shortage of exceptional fine dining restaurants, The Farm Restaurant in Al Barari stands out for its refreshing vibes and lush surroundings. Stepping inside seems as though you have been transported to a tranquil tropical lakeside. Take a seat in the lovely surroundings, which include cascades, gentle streams, bushes, shrubs, long grasses, and a canopy of lush trees. Here, gear up to savour some of the most delectable flavours of European and Thai cuisine. The verdant foliage setting sets the mood while the food tempts your tastes with each serving. A visit to this nature-themed restaurant and its gastronomic experience will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on you.

The Secret Garden by L’ETO, Dubai Mall

Delicious Cupcakes

Looking for a dreamlike location ideal for date nights? While there are many restaurants in Dubai that offer sleek and peaceful settings, the Secret Garden stands out for its beautiful ambience. This is one of the hidden gem restaurants in Dubai that you should visit if you want to capture the look of amazement on your beloved’s face. That being said, it isn’t just a place for romantic couples; the lively atmosphere is popular among family and friends seeking to have a good time. The interiors of this restaurant are decorated with floral blooms, which makes it unique. This elegant restaurant and cafe specialising in British cuisine is located in City Walk and is a charming spot to have afternoon teas with an assortment of delicious cakes and pastries.

Donut BBQ, Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club

Donut BBQ is another fascinating place to visit if you’re seeking something out of the usual with a dash of adventure while savouring sumptuous cuisine. Donut BBQ, located in Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, provides an unforgettable dining experience on a floating donut while enjoying an upscale BBQ feast! This one-of-a-kind restaurant lets you float on the lake in an inflatable donut boat fitted with a BBQ pit, tables, and comfy couches that easily seat 5 to 6 people. You can rent this donut boat dining service by the hour and select from an enticing a la carte menu or a menu of meals to grill yourself.

Bar Du Port, Dubai Harbour

Check out this premium beachfront dining venue at Dubai Harbour for Mediterranean flavours and a delectable range of seafood treats. Bar Du Port – an adults-only restaurant is ideal for a romantic supper or bonding over casual discussions while drinking bubbling champagne and tasting caviar. Seafood enthusiasts will be in for a treat with charr-grilled shrimp, squids, smoked salmon platter, and lobster rolls whilst enjoying the soothing sea breeze.

Kid-friendly hidden gems of Dubai

XPark Jr.

Let kids also have their fair share of fun in nature and fresh air at XPark Jr. This new park invites children to play in the mud, climb on tree houses, be pirates on a wooden ship, practise archery, and much more. Located near Kite Beach, this is one of the offbeat places in Dubai specially designed for the entertainment and adventure for children who can enjoy nature and adventure in one spot!

Aventura Park

Explore Aventura Park, which offers a myriad of adventure activities. Aventura Park, located in Mushrif Park, is a lesser-known adventure spot in Dubai that is gradually gaining recognition in the tourist circuit for its superb adventure fun. The park is touted as Dubai’s largest zipline park and offers a variety of recreational activities such as ziplining, wall climbing, obstacle circuits, and much more.

Al Nakheel Park

Dubai’s fascination with palm tree design can also be seen at Al Nakheel Park. This park in Al Aweer is wonderfully designed and meticulously maintained with lush date palms to resemble a gorgeous palm tree from a bird’s eye view. The attraction is a pleasant escape from Dubai city life and is the perfect place for families with children to spend quality time among verdant gardens with a gentle brook meandering through it.


There is plenty of places that are not usually included in a typical Dubai city tour. These above-mentioned places offer a deeper insight into Dubai while also highlighting additional unique sights that have been eclipsed by other high-end Dubai spectacles. Make a wish-list of the ones that interest you and pick what you want to see during your future visit to Dubai.

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