Desert Lakes in the UAE: Know About 7 Coolest Desert Lakes in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates or UAE is a country that is known for its skyscrapers, theme parks, water parks, beaches, and shopping. The tourist attractions of the UAE are increasing every year, and they are never-ending. Every year new advancements take place. One of them is the Desert Lakes in the UAE. While the UAE is devoid of natural water bodies, the country has created water bodies and lakes of its own. These lakes blend with the surrounding nature and are a cooling sight to watch in the hot desert. Just a forty-five minutes’ drive from the hustle-bustle of Dubai city lies the Al Marmoon Desert Conservation Reserve. It is home to around 26 lakes, including the famous Al Qudra and Love Lakes. It is the UAE’s first unfenced reserve that combines wildlife conservation and endangered species. The reserve has designated spots for barbeque and desert camping. Here are the 7 Unique and Coolest Lakes in the UAE that you can visit.

Moon Lake

The Moon Lake, as its name suggests, is in the shape of a crescent moon. Situated between the white dunes and trees surrounding it, the lake looks like the stars and moon in the sky. This curved lagoon, located in the Al Quadra desert, has no paved road and is therefore accessible in a 4*4 vehicle. According to a Dubai-based photographer and videographer, Mostafa, the Moon Lake area is full of wildlife and untouched nature. You may spot the Arabian Oryx roaming around in the area or gulping a quick drink in the water. The views during the sunrise and sunset are breathtaking and a real treat for the eyes.

Love Lake

love lake in dubai

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The Love Lakes at Al Quadra is a wonderful sight to watch, with two intertwined lakes in the shape of hearts, surrounded by the orange sand dunes and beautiful fauna. This photogenic spot is perfect for a romantic stroll and an Instagram photo shoot. Enjoy the sunset, take an evening stroll around the lake, engage in bird watching, and later enjoy a barbeque at the Love Lake. Due to the unique shape, convenient location, and ambiance of the lake, it has become one of the most romantic places in Dubai for locals and tourists alike. It has also emerged as a perfect destination for artists, joggers, bike riders, nature lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Pink Lake

The Pink Lake, nestled in Ras Al Khaimah, is one of the wonders of Dubai. It created quite a stir after photographs taken by a nineteen-year-old teenager, Ammar Al Farsi went viral on the internet. You can see the interesting pink waters off the coast of the Saraya Islands and view the layers of salt beneath the surface of the Pink Lake. According to Dr. Saif Al Ghais, the Director-General of the Environment Protection and Development, the color of the water of the Lake is pink due to the proliferation of red algae.

Salt Lake

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Salt Lake, found alongside the Al Ain highway, is an ideal spot for a quick break to reconnect with nature. Visit Salt Lake early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. The sight looks beautiful when the deposited salts in the emerald green lake sparkle in the bright sun. Stand on the mushroom-esque pillars and delicate flakes of salt that give the illusion of snow. You can enjoy a day full of fun exploring the sites around. A day picnic, overnight camping, and barbeque at Salt Lake are some of the exciting options to make your trip engaging.

Expo Lake

The Expo Lakes that resembles the logo of Expo 2020 is a marvel located a few minutes from Al Quadra. This carefully crafted oasis is a feat of engineering and helped the organizer’s desire to make a lasting impression for the World Fair Expo 2020 Dubai. Located near the Al Maktoum International Airport, trees, lakes, and sand are used to create a design that resembles the Expo 2020 logo. There are walkways to get to the island in the middle, surrounded by water. Camping is free, and you can visit the site 24/7. You get to see Arabian Mountain Gazelle, Oryxes, and a variety of birds around Expo Lake.

Burj Lake

burj lake in dubai

Located at the foot of the tallest skyscraper in the UAE, Burj Khalifa, Burj Lake is one of the best lakes in the Dubai city. It is a thirty-acre lake in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown. Hop on a traditional abra boat and sail into Burj Lake to get the best views of the Dubai Fountain (the world’s largest choreographed fountain). It is a mesmerizing sight to watch the dancing water in mid-air, with a display using 25 colored projectors, 6600 lights, and 85000 liters of water accompanied by traditional and contemporary music. You can choose from various rides to see the dazzling show like water bikes, kayaks, swan boats, and flamingo boats.

Hatta Lake

Hatta Lake Dubai

Dubai’s perfect winter adventure destination is Hatta Lake. It is a mountain lake in the desert city of Dubai, a great getaway to soak in the breathtaking views of the turquoise pool and the mountains around it. Visitors to the lake can see ducks waddling or swimming in the water. Find a plethora of flora and fauna adorning the ethereal landscape. You can enjoy panoramic views as you explore Hatta Lake on a kayak, canoes, boats, pedals, and water bikes. Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports activities, and Hatta Kayak is the most popular sports destination.
There is nothing quite refreshing than sitting by a lake and enjoying the calmness on a hot sunny day. These lakes have a refreshing charm, and it is worth experiencing these peaceful moments once in a while. With the easy availability of Dubai visa online, one can apply for the Dubai tourist visa and view these gems in the desert dunes that have gained popularity worldwide.

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