Things To Know Before Moving To UAE

Dubai has become a popular migration destination for Indians due to its luxurious lifestyle, tax-free salaries, and abundant jobs. Over three million Indians call Dubai their second home.

But before packing your bags, there are some key things you should know about living in Dubai as an Indian national:

 Apply for the Right Visa

There are various types of UAE visas for living and working in Dubai; make sure your employer sponsors your residence permit, which is tied to your job. A tourist visa does not allow you to work or earn income in Dubai. Applying for the correct type of visa is crucial; otherwise, you may face issues with immigration authorities and employment restrictions. Consult with your company and ensure you get an employment residence visa before relocating.

You should be familiar with the Dubai visa policy for Indian residents. This will help you proceed with the most appropriate visa type.

Find Indian Communities

Dubai has various Indian-dominated areas and communities spread across the city. Find a neighborhood like Bur Dubai to enjoy Indian culture and cuisine. Look for apartment complexes or villa communities with many Indian expats. Knowing fellow Indian residents helps deal with homesickness and gives you a local support network. For example, finding Indian restaurants in Dubai will not be challenging when moving to such a community.


Expect a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Be open-minded about trying new cuisines, making global friends, and learning Arabic phrases. Don’t just stick to your Indian comfort zone; be receptive to new cultural perspectives and adjust your tastes to enjoy Arabic dishes and other international foods. Maintain an inclusive attitude.

Respect the Rules

Abide by UAE laws and etiquette regarding dress code, behavior in public, alcohol consumption, and displays of intimacy. Be careful with public behavior and clothing, particularly during Ramadan. As an expat, you represent India; any rule-breaking on your part negatively affects Indians.

No Special Privileges as an Indian

Unlike other Gulf nations, Indians don’t get additional benefits in Dubai regarding visas, ownership rights, or other privileges. Everyone is treated equally. Don’t expect any special treatment for being Indian; in Dubai, you are valued based on your merit and work, not your nationality.

Experience Tax-Free Income

Dubai has no personal income tax. Your salary and earnings are 100% yours. This enables great savings potential. Make the most of your pay check by diligently saving a portion every month. With time, you can build solid wealth.

No Need to Forget Home Comforts

Besides embracing local culture, you can join Indian groups, cook Indian dishes at home, celebrate festivals, and stay connected with Indian values. Make your home a comforting Indian space with food, music, and entertainment from back home. Keep in touch with family and long-term friends to stay grounded.

Exposure to Hi-Tech Infrastructure

Dubai offers world-class amenities, smart technologies, and an efficient digital framework for government services through Smart Dubai. Take advantage of cutting-edge facilities in terms of transportation, recreation options, banking, healthcare, and other urban infrastructure organized around digital efficiency.

Learn Basic Arabic

Learning common Arabic greetings and phrases helps break barriers and make local Emirati friends. It also shows respect for local culture. Invest time early on to join part-time Arabic classes and learn key phrases. This will make daily interactions, hiring household help, and making local friends much smoother.

Enjoy Year-Round Sunshine

Dubai gets sunshine almost every day. You can take advantage of it by spending time outdoors and pursuing activities like golf, water sports, or simply relaxing on Dubai’s beaches. Don’t miss out on the great weather and outdoor lifestyle, one of Dubai’s biggest perks. Structure your routine to spend time in nature.

Familiarize Yourself with Transportation

Use Dubai’s modern metro system, affordable taxis, and tram networks to navigate the city easily. Avoid driving yourself until you’ve adjusted to the unique routes and rules. Driving takes time to get used to due to unfamiliar road signs and traffic rules. Use public transport to get around hassle-free as you learn to drive.

Try Emirati Cuisine

Along with Indian food, try popular local dishes like Shawarma, Al Machboos, Khuzi and Falafel, available affordably across Dubai. Broaden your palate and spice tolerance by trying traditional Emirati food. Acknowledge and respect different flavors.

Pick Neighbourhoods with Indian Amenities

Areas like Bur Dubai, Deira, Karama, Satwa, and Oud Metha have many Indian grocery stores, restaurants, and community centers. Choose your housing location, keeping proximity to Indian shops and eateries in mind. This makes the transition smooth. Do your research on the best places to live in Dubai for Indian families. It will help you overcome culture shock.

Join Recreation Clubs

Sign up with clubs like Zabeel Ladies Club or Sharjah Cultural Club, offering fitness, sports, arts, music, dance, and leisure activities. Pursue your hobbies by joining interest clubs to meet like-minded people. It also ensures a positive break from work.

Embrace Multiculturalism

Interact daily with people from different countries and cultures. It leads to greater open-mindedness, understanding, and friendships. Try to befriend colleagues and neighbors of diverse nationalities to gain insight into their thinking. A multicultural environment also benefits children.

Final Words

In summary, Dubai offers Indians great career growth, tax-free earnings, and a comfortable lifestyle steeped in Indian culture. Your Dubai life will be fulfilling by approaching it with an open mindset to absorb new perspectives while retaining your roots.

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