7 Most Incredible Mosques You Should Visit on a Dubai Holiday

Dubai is often referred to as the futuristic emirate and its premier appeal to visitors is its suave, luxurious atmosphere. However, if you look closer, you will find that Dubai is a city with many facets and that cultural immersion is a proud feature. A visit to the mosques of Dubai is the best way to learn more about the emirate’s cultural heritage when in Dubai. Dubai’s intrinsically ornate mosques offer a glimpse into its cultural heritage preserved carefully amid its luxury grandeur and extravagance. In addition to that, Dubai also gets its true identity as an amalgamation of modernity and cultural authenticity in some of its mosques that are sure to impress. If you have a Dubai visa and are visiting Dubai, here are the top 7 mosques you should check out.

1. Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

At Jumeirah 1, the Jumeirah Mosque, one of the most famous mosques in Dubai, stuns tourists with its breathtaking view. The mosque is one of the few in the UAE that allows non-Islamics to enter and explore. There are some marvellous stonework sculptures found in this mosque based on the Fatimid tradition. A beautiful dome and towering minarets adorn the mosque. As a landmark attraction, the mosque has welcomed visitors since 1976. Tourists can book a guided tour to explore the mosque and know about the culture of the UAE.

2. Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque,DubaiImage Credit: tripcdn.com

Founded in 1986, this mosque in Dubai has seen many changes and was demolished in 2010. In 2011, it was rebuilt with better facilities for praying and teaching the culture. It is considered one of the first mosques in the UAE to allow non-Muslims to enter. With over 21 domes, this mosque reflects the beauty of Ottoman architecture and is located in Al Safa. This Dubai Mosque is counted among the largest mosques in the UAE.

3. Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque

Abdul Rahman Siddique Mosque,DubaiImage Credit: mosqpedia.org

The stunning mosque is located at the beautiful Palm Jumeirah island, and its architecture reflects both the cultural traditions of the region, as well as the contemporariness of new Dubai. It is unique because it combines the elements of modernity with the spirituality of Islam in an unconventional way. This mosque is one of the most popular mosques in Dubai and is perhaps the first mosque to fuse modernistic designs with heritage architecture, as well as play with lighting elements that allow plenty of natural light to filter into the interiors of the mosque.

4. Masjid Al Rahim

Masjid Al Rahim,Dubai

Located amongst the skyscraper jungle of Dubai Marina, Masjid Al Rahim is one of the most magnificent sights you will come across in the area. Located south of Dubai Marina, the mosque is the only mosque in the Marina and is quite a popular place of prayer for residents of Dubai Marina. Nevertheless, tourists love to come to this area for its breathtaking scenic views that are set against the backdrop of Dubai Marina’s glistening skyline, which provides an incredibly picturesque setting.

5. Khalifa Altajir Mosque

Khalifa Altajir Mosque,DubaiImage Credit: mosqpedia.org

Dubai’s Khalifa Al Tajir Mosque dubbed as the ‘Green Mosque of Dubai’, is a newly built mosque that focuses on the conservation of the environment. As the world’s first eco-friendly mosque, the building uses solar-powered energy and motion sensor lights to save as much energy as possible and respect the environment. As a matter of fact, the air conditioning inside the mosque also contributes significantly to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and thereby having less of an impact on the environment. There is no doubt that this mosque in Dubai is one of the most breathtaking mosques to visit during a trip to Dubai.

6. City Walk Mosque

One of the most striking examples of this eclectic blend of modern and cultural touches is the City Walk Mosque, which has the defining feature of not resembling conventional mosque architecture in the slightest. The mosque is located at Al Wasl, where its aesthetics attract tourists to witness this unique piece of architecture and worship place. Incorporating geometrical elements with a minimalist approach, The City Walk Mosque fits seamlessly into Dubai’s contemporary atmosphere. There’s no minaret or dome at this mosque; instead, there’s a simple, rust-brown coloured cube-shaped prayer hall adorned by an Emirati artist’s installation ‘Aya’, a glistening steel structure engraved with Quran verses. There is something refreshing about this mosque in that it breaks away from tradition yet still stays true to its cultural origins.

7. DIFC Grand Mosque

DIFC Grand Mosque,DubaiImage Credit: filipinotimes.net

In 2020, the DIFC Grand Mosque was built as yet another mosque with a modern facade. This mosque is located at Gate Village in Dubai International Financial Centre. Traditional Islamic architecture is an inspiration for this building, but the design is heavily influenced by contemporary elements to give it a modern sensibility. The idea was to create a modern place of worship within the contemporary DIFC while at the same time preserving the traditional essence of the mosque’s ambience. It is not a dome-style mosque but a simple block design, which is connected by a perforated outer wall that forms the traditional Mashrabiya – a way of filtering sunlight into the mosque. At night, the illuminated Mosque gives a mirage of a lighted lantern in the middle of the Arabian night. Additionally, the interiors of the mosque comprise traditional elements which have been tweaked in a modern manner, such as the central chandelier, which give a nod to the traditional muqarnas – a recurring feature in many mosques. Visiting this mosque in Dubai will give you an insight into the new way in which Dubai perceives spiritual worship.

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