Dubai in December: Top 20 Things to do in Dubai in December

Dubai, in the UAE, is one of the Middle East’s most visited cities. High-tech innovations and scientific developments have transformed the once barren land into a bustling metropolitan city. Although the face of the land has changed, the climate is of the typical desert type: extremely hot during the day and extremely cold and windy at night. Tourists prefer visiting Dubai during the colder months, like December. The temperature is comparatively low during this time, and the overall weather is pleasant. The average temperature remains as low as 26 degrees Celsius. Hence, it is the time of the year when many seasonal activities occur. Important festivals like Christmas and the New Year are celebrated with great pomp and show in December. Even the UAE National Day is on December 2, making this month a significant one.

1. Shopping Gala at the Dubai Shopping Festival

DSF Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival has been the world’s largest shopping festival since 1996. Large shopping complexes give the impression that items sold there are costly. But, during this month-long festival, you can purchase expensive items at very affordable prices for yourself or gift your loved ones. It is a mega festival when every shop, big or small, puts up huge offers and discounts for the people. Besides discounts, you can also win lucky goodies like holiday tickets and lotteries. The festival is not only limited to shopping deals; the whole city witnesses food-related events, concerts, parades, and game events. The DSF Drone Light Show between JBR and Bluewaters Island is not to be missed.

2. Christmas Shopping at Christmas Markets

Dubai Christmas Market

Although Dubai is a Muslim country, Christmas is celebrated all over the city with excitement. You will find large, adorable Christmas trees in malls and public places. But the main center of attention is the Christmas market. The best one is at Madinat Jumeirah. It is the one-stop destination for buying Christmas presents; the restaurants offer traditional delicacies, drinks, and Christmas carols sung by groups here and there. Also, the kids will spend most of their time at the ginger house, snow zone, etc.

3. UAE National Day Celebrations

Dubai in December

The United Arab Emirates National Day is celebrated every year on December 2 to celebrate the independence from the British protectorate treaties and the unification of the seven emirates. The city is adorned by the colors of the national flag.

Witness the national parades with soldiers riding horses with the flag, cultural dances, exhibitions, marvelous fireworks displays, live concerts, and every kind of celebration on this day.

4. Amazing Dubai Nightlife

Nightclubs Dubai

The bustling city of Dubai has a buzzing nightlife. There are a lot of bars and nightclubs for partygoers dotting the whole city. They are open as late as 3 am. However, note that you must be above 25 to be allowed at night parties. Also, some days on which these pubs are open for women only include free entry and complimentary cocktails.

5.Tour the Magnificent Dubai Garden Glow

UAE National Day

The Dubai Garden Glow is a seasonal theme park that can be witnessed between October and April. The exciting feature of this park is that there are beautiful handmade structures made of biodegradable materials set up here. These amazing installations are found in Glow Park. Every year, the sculptures are made with a fresh theme. The Dubai Garden has other parks like the Art Park, Magic Park, Dino Park, and Ice Park.

6.Witness the Fascinating Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Garden Glow December

It is a seasonal attraction that can be viewed in December. It is not a regular flower garden. It is a natural garden with over 45 million flowering plants. Also, these vibrant flowers are arranged in different ways. There is a floral version of the Burj Khalifa, the Emirates Airbus A380, a heart-shaped arch pathway, castles, a peacock, and many beautiful floral installations. These floral sculptures also include famous Disney characters like Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Daisy Duck, etc. The Butterfly Garden is another beautiful attraction, housing many species of butterflies.

7. Adventurous Skydiving

Skydiving in Dubai

Adventure and thrill enthusiasts must try this activity. This extreme sport is possible at SkyDive Dubai, and you can choose between Palm Island and the wide desert area to perform this activity. Clear skies make it perfect to try this activity. First, you are taken to a height of 12,000 feet above the ground, and then you are accompanied by a professional expert. So, there is no need to fear while witnessing this thrilling skyfall.

8. Thrilling Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai December

Visiting Dubai is incomplete without exploring the desert. Now, what can one expert do in a barren land? Dubai offers many adrenaline-pumping sports such as dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding. Since the weather is not extremely hot and no heat waves are going on, it is the most suitable time for these activities. Camel riding is yet another exciting option. You also get the opportunity to witness the sun setting on the horizon formed by the sky and the golden dunes. The Desert Safari also includes some cultural events like Tanura dance performances belly dance performances, and henna designs. Lastly, relish a fulfilling barbecue dinner to complete your desert trip.

9. Beach Hopping

Dubai,Uae A View Of Colorful Kite

Dubai is not short of serene beaches. Some amazing beaches are Jumeirah Beach, JBR Beach, Kite Beach, Sunset Beach, etc. The clear cloudless skies in December and the blue ocean waters offer the most brilliant views. You can rest and sunbathe peacefully. You can also try out some thrilling water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, kite surfing, or some calm activities like kayaking, banana boat riding, etc. Snorkeling and scuba diving lets you explore the amazing aquatic life in the oceans. Another striking feature is that the beaches in Dubai have airconditioned cabanas that tourists seek for a short stay. There are also parks for kids to play.

10. Celebrate the New Year at Burj Khalifa

Downtown Dubai houses the tallest Burj Khalifa. There are a lot of celebratory activities occurring in and around the Burj Khalifa on New Year’s Eve. Live music and dance performances keep the audience engaged. Witness the excitement of the crowd increase as the countdown begins and is projected at the Burj Khalifa building. The fireworks display and the beautiful skyline with the city lights are sure to make you awestruck.

11. Serene Sailing on the Dhow Cruise

Sail along the Dubai coast and admire the picturesque cityscape. The Dhow Cruise Creek sails over Deira Creek, which is part of the old city with ancient architecture, whereas the Dhow Cruise Marina sails through Marina Bay and lets you admire the modern adventures of the city.

Both of these cruises offer calm music and welcome drinks to their guests. Then they can eat the delicious delicacies set for them, consisting of both local and exotic dishes. Get entertained by the Tanura dance performers and view the night sky and the city’s beauty from the top deck. The Dhow Cruise Dubai trip is a fun activity for adults and children alike.

12. Hot Air Balloon Ride

The hot air balloon ride hundreds of feet above the ground lets you get astonished by the unique perspective this ride offers. The December weather in Dubai is apt for this activity. It is the top romantic activity for couples, creating special moments and being fun. Children will surely be amazed by the skyline and how everything from above appears like tiny dots. You can view the horizon, the tall Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab. The most suitable time to participate in this activity is early morning to witness the sunrise and the fresh breeze. You can experience this activity near the desert conservation center.

13. Get Adrenaline Charged at Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

This water park is the biggest in the world. It boasts the first twin racing tube and over 30 slides like the Vortex, Zoomerango, and other water attractions. You also get to perform adrenaline-charged activities like diving, shark snorkeling, ray feeding, etc. There is a separate kid’s zone with children-friendly rides. This park also has a private 700-meter-long beach, the Adventure Beach.

14. Awesome Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

Enjoy a thrilling experience in Downtown Dubai, where shimmering lights surround you and the Dubai Fountain Lake Ride and Show will entertain you with water-synchronized music. Embark on a charming traditional boat, the Abra, and sail across the sparkling water of iconic Burj Lake. Watch in awe as the world’s largest fountain comes alive after sunset, moving to the sounds of symphonies.

15. Tour The City

Dubai is an incomparable metropolitan city that has become one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. The towering skyscrapers of New Dubai are perfectly blended with the culture and traditional heritage of Old Dubai. Taking a trip from Old Dubai and heading to modern Dubai, the artificial islands, a trip around the city during December is interesting.

A city tour will take you to the vibrant gold and spice souks, streets of old Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Emirati flavors, a journey through the Dubai Creek and more.

16. Witness Mingling of Cultures at Dubai Global Village

Dubai, although a Muslim country, has a multicultural vibe because of the people from diverse cultures that have settled here and Global Village represents this, which presents the cultures and heritage of 90 different countries. People could shop, be entertained, and become acquainted with different cultures in the first family destination in this region.

The Global Village is designed as a theme park, a market with pavilions reflecting different countries to give visitors a magical feeling. Each of the displays has its feature, the local architecture or monument. The local structures in London’s Big Ben and India’s Taj Mahal call on visitors to the interactive experience. It is a pleasure place for both children and adults with its shows, games, and rides.

17. Christmas at Ski Dubai

Christmas celebrations begin here from the start of December. A 40-foot tall Christmas tree is decorated here with decorative charms and lights. Ski Dubai is an indoor ice park with many fun activities. You can ski here from the top of an 85-meter-high mountain and make a snowman. Real Santa also comes to visit on the 25th. Participate in the games and events you wish to and have a gala time here.

18. Explore Hatta

Hatta is the perfect spot for those overwhelmed by the daily city sightseeing. It is a mountainous town in the heart of Dubai. You can go hiking up the mountain range, camp nearby, or go on a bike tour to this rusty town. It is a way of staying close to nature and away from the hustle and crowd of the city.

19. Camping at the Al Qudra Lakes

Lying in the beautiful background of Dubai is the artificial Al Quran lakes. About a 30-minute drive from the city center, this place is ideal for people who would want to camp close to the city. Camping at Al Quran Lakes with your friends and family is one of the best outdoor things to do in Dubai in December.

It is an ideal place for switching off from the world and getting the feeling of peace with nature’s beauty. You will find it hard to leave since most of the landscape is green and has a lot of animal life, especially birds, and scenic views.

20. Dubai Marina Yacht Tour

Get ready to visit the beautiful landmarks of Dubai in the classy and most luxurious classic yacht. Ride through the waters in a magnificent 65-foot Bluewater Yacht and witness the splendid views. The spacious yacht is ideal for families, couples, or groups of friends, as it offers enough space. Have a great time viewing the fantastic scenery.


Dubai, indeed, is a city of wonders. There are tourist attractions that suit almost all types and moods of people. You will find here luxury malls, restaurants, skyscrapers, rooftop bars, serene beaches, and the golden desert. Every type of activity that you can think of is made possible in the city, from hiking and dune bashing to skiing and ice skating at Ski Dubai. December seems to be the best month to visit Dubai as the weather is not extreme and pleasant enough for sightseeing. However, this is what makes it the peak tourist month, attracting a lot of crowds, so it is advised to book all your tickets and plan your itinerary in advance. Be a part of the amazing festivals and events in the marvelous city of Dubai.


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