Procedure for Renewing or Extending UAE Visit Visa and Tourist Visa 2024

The United Arab Emirates is a favourite holiday destination for people all around the world. Every year, millions of people visit the country, especially the Emirate cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi for business, personal and recreational purposes. As UAE thrives on tourism, getting a UAE visa is not very difficult. Similarly, the laws for extension or renewal of the UAE tourist and visit visa have also been eased in the recent years. Here is everything you need to know about UAE visit and tourist visa, especially the extension process.

UAE Visit Visa and Tourist Visa Extension

What are UAE Visit Visa and Tourist Visa?

UAE visit and tourist visas are technically the same. The terms and conditions for using both the visas are the same. Both are available for 30 and 90 days. The difference depends on the mode of application. When a person applies for UAE visa through an airline, hotel or travel agent, it is known as a tourist visa. On the other hand, when a person applies for the visa through a sponsor i.e. a resident of the UAE, it is called visit visa.

Requirements for Visit Visa and Tourist Visa

Visitor and tourist visas are offered to those who are not eligible for visa free visit or visa on arrival. While citizens of GCC countries can enter UAE without visa, there are several countries who can avail visa on arrival. On the other hand, citizens of countries that do not fall in any of these categories have to get a visa before they visit the country. To apply for a UAE visa, one needs:

  • A passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Recent, coloured passport size photo
  • Confirmed return air ticket
  • Proof of hotel reservation
  • Proof of resident status of sponsor along with invitation letter
  • Visa fee
  • Additional requirements could be needed

An important thing to note is that children under the age of 18 cannot travel alone, unless accompanied by parents or guardian. Other than this, visa application of Moroccan single women under the age of 30, planning to travel to the UAE on her own, would be rejected.

UAE Visit Visa and Tourist Visa Extension Procedure

Both 30 days and 90 days UAE visit and tourist visa can be extended for 30 days. This can be done for both single as well as multiple entry visa. Moreover, a person can renew or extend the visa maximum two times. The fee for visa extension is AED 600, each time. An important thing to remember is that one should apply for visa renewal before the original one expires.

Where to Apply for UAE Visa Extension?

As per the new laws, tourists do not have to leave the country to renew or extend their existing visa. On the other hand, they can apply for an extension while staying in the country. You can get it done at the immigration office at one of the Emirates. Alternatively, you can also approach the airline, hotel or travel company through which you applied for your UAE visa originally. If you have renewed or extended the visa twice, you cannot do so the third time. In such a case, you would have to leave the country. If a person overstays after the expiry of his or her visa, her or she would have to pay fine of AED 100 for every day, starting from the 10th day after the visa expires. After you arrive at your home country, you would have to wait for a few months before you can reapply for a new UAE visa.

Who cannot Apply for a UAE Visa Extension?

The UAE visa extension is available only for those who have 30 days or 60 days visa. People falling under the following categories would not enjoy this facility:

  • Residents of GCC countries
  • People accompanying the nationals of GCC
  • People who are visiting the UAE on special permits
  • Tourists who only have a 96-hour permit

The UAE visit visa and tourist visa extension process has become a blessing for people who are in UAE for job search or who are visiting their families living in the country. Although the cost of extending the visa may seem a bit high, you would be saving money on air tickets, which you would have to buy if you had to go back to your country to renew your visa.

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