Ok To Board

Ok To Board Dubai

Planning to visit Dubai? Whether your plan is to visit Dubai or any other city of UAE, all the Indian citizens need to acquire an OK to board Dubai. Yes, this OK to board is in addition to the proper approved visa and passport that would be needed to enter the country. Hassled? Don’t be. edubaivisa.in makes all of this extremely simple for you, so much so, that all you need to do is just pack your bags. How? Read on to know everything you need to about OK to board and how edubaivisa.in can help you in getting it.

Let’s first start with the basics.

What is OK to Board?

OK to board is a requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order to board your flight to UAE.

The first step you need to do in order to go to UAE is to apply for a UAE Visa after carefully completing all the formalities. Once you receive your approved Dubai visa online, the same is sent to the airline authorities with whom you’ve booked your flight tickets with. The airline rechecks your UAE visa and marks an OK to Board on your flight PNR. This process is mandatory and you CANNOT board the flight until your ticket has an OK to Board. You can check with your airlines 48 hours prior to your departure.

Why is do we need OK to Board?

There have been many instances of fake visas to UAE in the past years. In many cases, due to the fake visa, travelers have been deported from UAE. To minimize the fake visa scam, airline authorities too, have now started re- checking the visa prior to the departure of the flight. The process is mandatory in order to board the UAE flight for any Indian passenger.

How do I get an OK to Board?

If you apply through edubaivisa.com you don’t need to worry about your UAE visa or your OK to board. We ensure that our expert team of visa consultants help you get your Visa and OK to board on time and hassle-free. All we need are your authentic documents and after getting the approved UAE visa, we send your visa directly to your flight carrier and get your OK to Board in time before your scheduled departure. With edubaivisa.in, all you have to do is pack your bags and be ready.

When should I apply for OK to Board?

As soon as you receive your approved UAE visa, send us your flight ticket copies and we’ll take it from there. We shall send your approved visa to the airline and get your OK to Board marked on your PNR. We request you to kindly send us all the required documents at least 72 hours prior to the departure so as to give the airlines enough time to get your PNR marked with an OK to Board.

How can I know about my status on OK to Board?

There are two ways, either you can call directly to the airline and ask them 48 hours prior to departure or if you’re going through edubaivisa.in, simply leave it to us. Our representatives will call you themselves as soon as you receive your OK to Board.

What if my PNR doesn’t reflect OK to Board?

If you’re going through edubaivisa.in, there’s no way we’ll let this happen but in case of your PNR not reflecting an OK to Board, you’ll not be allowed to board the plane. In such a case, you can either call the airline to understand the problem or simply give our expert team a call at +91 2067488900 to get your issue solved immediately.

Which airlines require an OK to Board?

An OK to Board is mandatory for all travelers once you’ve received your approved UAE visa. The major carriers like Jet airways, Fly Dubai, Etihad airways, Emirates airlines and Saudi airlines provide OK to Board for free. But other low cost carriers such as Spice Jet, IndiGo and Air India charge a small fee. Use smooth and hassle-free services of edubaivisa.in and get your OK to Board for FREE, no matter whichever airlines you’re travelling from.