Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Edubaivisa.in

  • The Dubai visa process begins only when you submit all your documents and pay the stipulated visa fee. Hence, it is important to submit the documents on time.
  • It is extremely crucial to remember that submission of the right documents and payment of visa fee do not guarantee that you would receive the visa approval. The decision of visa approval completely depends on the Dubai Immigration Authority.
  • If your visa application is rejection, you would not receive the visa fee. In short, it is refundable. The same rule applies to the scenario when you receive the visa but are not able to travel to Dubai during the period of visa validity.
  • A penalty of INR2000 would be levied on you if you do not travel to Dubai even after your visa is approved. This penalty amount would be withdrawn from the guarantee amount that you have to pay during the visa process.
  • It is necessary to submit your Dubai visa application form and other documents at least 7 days before travelling to the city. This is because it can take anywhere between 4-5 working days for the completion of the visa process.
  • All the visas issued by the Dubai Immigration Authority are single entry visas unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Once we receive your Dubai visa, we would send the same to you through email. It is important to take a printout of the same to be produced at the passport control section at the airport.
  • All passengers travelling to Dubai from India need to get an OTB status. We can update the PNR status of your ticket with an OTB message at a nominal extra charge.
  • If you stay in Dubai even after the validity of your Dubai visa, you would be charged with INR 3000 for every extra day you stay in the city or anywhere in the country (UAE).
  • The security cheque that you deposit with us would be deposited if you are caught and face imprisonment when in Dubai (or UAE) while on the visa that you got through us.
  • You need to send a copy of your passport page with an exit stamp by the Dubai Immigration Authority when you leave Dubai or the UAE. This would be taken as a proof that you exited from the country on time.
  • Once we receive the confirmation of your exit from the country, we would refund the security amount you submitted.